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Producer Insights

Connect People, Improve Process

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Presented by Paul Carpenter,
Co-Founder at Zone Insights

Paul Carpenter has trained Fortune 500 organizations and sales teams for twenty years. Improve connection between employees and clients, take back control of your sales process, and take actionable steps towards closing more business.

How We Work

Connect People, Improve Process


The HD101 program teaches your team to understand themselves and the clients.


We evaluate your current sales process and determine the gap to improve closing ratio and bottom line profitability.


Our HD101 program teaches your team to understand themselves and their coworkers. Learn to "color your world" with the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green personality styles. Adjust your language and connect with anyone.


Producer Insights


Know your Prospects better than they know themselves!

Producer Insights helps advisors stop losing prospects for the wrong reason.

Gain Insight and ways to adjust to connect and build trust with every prospect you meet.


Looking to improve your closing ratio or shorten the sales cycle? It all starts with process.

We show advisors how to protect themselves from the Buyers Process.

Are you struggling with any of the following?


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We help producers improve the bottom line by connecting with the people in their office and their prospects. We look at the process that is keeping them from closing as much business as they should.

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