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More than a Motivational Speech...

We understand that when you are hosting a convention or meeting, many times the quality of the overall event is judged by how well the main speakers perform.  If you are looking at this page, you probably have a lot of pressure to deliver a speaker who will "knock it out of the park!"  Your reputation is on the line, and you need to deliver a speaker whose content will be memorable and that your attendees will talk about for years after the presentation.

You have a lot of choices if you are looking for someone to speak on an interesting topic, or cheer lead the crowd into an emotional frenzy.  However, if you want a program that truly delivers a lasting impac
t, then consider Zone Insights.

While the material is applicable at any point in your program, we have found that putting Paul up front increases the effectiveness of the content.  You see, your attendees will be speaking in colors after Paul is done and those colors will inspire them to to great things with their teams and in their businesses!  The more opportunity your people have to interact with each other using the colors, the better the material will stick.

Most Requested Topics

Human Dynamics 101 - HD101

HD101 is literally the foundation of every event we do.  Why?  Because everyone has to deal with people in some form or fashion.  We have taken the art of understanding people and boiled it down to a 45 - 90 minute presentation.  It will alter the language spoken in your organization and we can prove it.  Just watch our testimonial videos and you will hear people talking about "Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green".  We call it "Coloring Your World" because once you learn to see people and situations in color, the communication path becomes crystal clear.

Managing In The Zone - MITZ

Our proprietary management system is delivered as a 1/2 day foundational training. It consists of four parts:
  1. HD101
  2. STEPS to LEADership
  3. The LEAD Process
  4. Real-world Scenarios (We charge head-on to deal with the real issues and challenges you are facing today)
Once an organization has been through the foundational training, we have additional reinforcement programs to help keep the process at the top of mind, and so
attendees can practice the skills they have learned to maintain proficiency.  We often provide our Managing In The Zone program to an organization's management team, then bring in employees and spouses the next day for a "Life In The Zone" program. The processes are the same for each program, but the content is adjusted for the audience.  

For example, often a Church leadership team will invite us in to train their staff with the "Managing In The Zone" principles for their organization, and the next day reinforce the program by hosting a "Life In The Zone" event for the families, volunteers, and the congregation.  This builds the broadest foundation for implementing the Zone principles while investing in entire families and the community at large.  

Life In The Zone

Leadership begins at home.  It never fails that at a Management training, someone will come up to us and say "I LOVE this Zone stuff at work, but where I really NEED it is at home."  In 2014 we developed this 90 minute - 1/2 day Life In The Zone training curriculum where we open up and share some personal stories.  These hard-hitting truths will wake your audience up to the fact that their style may be devastating their relationships at home which then affects their work life and community.  We believe that better leadership at home leads to better leadership at work.  If you are looking for a program that impacts your people personally or you are looking for a way to involve spouses (and even teenage kids), this is the program for you.

The Life In The Zone live training can be delivered to for-profit companies, non-profits, Church congregations, or as a family retreat depending upon your needs.  We will communicate with your organization in advance to fine tune the message and deliver a program which is purposefully designed to further your organizational goals.  Our goal is to provide your audience with the tools they need to understand what leadership means and be able to implement it in their daily interactions so that they may have a more productive and joyful household, workplace, and community.


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