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How I'm Wired is for Parents and Students feeling the pressure to find the right career or major choice. Changing majors is expensive and overwhelming. The How I’m Wired program offers you and your student our Career Insights profile that provides insights on career paths that fit your student based on their personality style and personal motivations.  In addition, students and parents are invited to participate in our How I’m Wired group coaching sessions.


In the Session, our certified trainer will deliver an overview of the Career Insights profile, how to get the most out of your profile, and provide additional insights on the following areas:

* Career / Major Selection - Understand how this connection is made between your style and a career.

* Communication Insights - Gain insights on understanding how to connect with your student and how to get  them talking

* Study tips - Gain insights on practical suggestions and strategies that will help your student focus on grade improvement.

     * Roommate Selection - Gain insights on how to understand

     how to select a future roommate based on how you are 



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